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Silver lining?

Since I use OpenSuSE 10.2 on my laptop, I have been searching for a good music organizer for my Ipod. I started using Amarok, which worked pretty good. But, me being the lazy person that I am, I wanted something more simple to use. I did some research and I found Floola, and it works great! Very intuitive and simple. I still download some podcasts to listen to, and subscribing couldn’t be easier. I just visited the sites that I wanted to subscribe to, copy the link (which gets stored in the clipboard), and as long as Floola is open with my Ipod connected, it asks me if I want to subscribe. After subscribing, just download and update.

Well, last night I was updating some of my podcast subscriptions, and after I was finished I unhooked my Ipod without unmounting it. I wasn’t thinking and was in a hurry. Oh nooooooo!!!! To my horror all of my music, playlists, videos, podcasts, everything was gone! I cannot stress enough to safely unmount devices!

After this debacle I decided to try something new and download Rockbox, an open-source jukebox firmware for different media players. What it does is give me a different interface on my Ipod Video (5th Gen). I absolutely love it…right now, at least. I have not been able to play with all of the different options yet, but I have downloaded and installed Doom. Yes, Doom…gotta love being able to play this classic! I know this is nothing new and people have been doing this for years, but hey, it’s new to me.

I guess my impatience actually paid off for once because I wouldn’t have tried Rockbox without having lost all of my content.  Oh, I did have a backup of all of my music which helped me immensely.  The lesson of the day is…always safely unmount your devices and always have a backup of everything that is important to you.

I will continue to update on anything I find about Rockbox. I also encourage everyone to use Floola and Rockbox, both great applications for your media player! Got to love open-source!



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