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LinTube, your Linux YouTube

I was searching through some of my favorite sites today, and came across a link through to a site called LinTube. Have you ever been searching though YouTube looking for videos based solely on Linux. Anything Linux, just Linux, and nothing more. Well, there is a site now devoted to videos about (only) Linux. Great idea, because sometimes I find myself getting on YouTube and just wondering what other people are doing with their distros. Check it out.



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Encrypt Thunderbird Profile with Truecrypt in Linux

Thanks to Chris who sent me this information about encrypting your Mozilla Thunderbird profile through Truecrypt in Linux through symbolic links. Not only do you have all of your profiles encrypted, but you also have easy back-ups. Not to mention all passwords that you have saved in Thunderbird are also encrypted (not reversibly hashed as before). There has been no noticeable performance problems when loading Thunderbird. Chris is working on encrypting his Firefox profile also, but has ran into a couple of issues that he is currently resolving. THANKS CHRIS!

   1. Close Thunderbird
   2. Move the Profile folder for Thunderbird into your truecrypt partition.
   4. ln -s (where the profile is moved to)
   5. Restart Thunderbird
   6. Now it should act as it did before, only now the files are stored in an
      encrypted partition.
   7. If you don't mount the encrypted partition first, it just gives you an
      error that it can't start.
   8. Mount and start again.
   9. Voila!!

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Dual-booting? Use the same apps across platforms

If you are one of the users that is dual-booting Windows and some distribution of Linux, there is a way to use some cross-platform open source software with the same configuration. This means that if you are using Firefox on both Windows and Linux, you can use the same configuration no matter which OS you boot into. I was searching through and found this great tutorial on how-to do this.

Single Data Store when Dual-booting

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Spicebird Beta 0.4 Review

I have been using Spicebird now for a little over a week and this is what I think about it.  I know that Spicebird is still in beta, but here are some things that I noticed did not work well.  The IM client that works along side Googletalk does not show some of my contacts as online, when in fact they are online.  Also, Spicebird does not allow for some add-ons (if not all) to be added.  I use Google Calendar through Mozilla’s Lightning and Google Provider to manage my calendar events in Thunderbird.  If Spicebird will not allow for the add-ons, then I am “up a creek” when trying to use my calendar functions.  Other than these things, I am pleased with the progression of Spicebird, the developers are definitely moving in the right direction.  I hope they continue to better this project because I would love to have something on Linux that works as well as Outlook on Windows.  On the other hand, I have not used Spicebird with my domain (mail server, jabber server, etc.) yet, and this may open up new doors.  If you have used Spicebird, I would love to hear your comments about it.

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Dr. King’s “I have a dream” Speech

Just in case any of you have not seen Dr. King’s moving speech, here’s the full video:

I have a dream…

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Shutdown computers on your domain

I use Deep Freeze in some of the labs that I monitor and sometimes when I need to “thaw” these computers some of them do not show up in the server console. In the past I would have to get up from what I was doing, walk to the lab, and manually shutdown/restart the non-responsive computers. This was all until I found out that I could do this from the Windows Domain Controller. Click StartRun…and type shutdown -i. This brings up a screen that will let me browse through Active Directory and choose which computers I want to shutdown/restart. Now, all I have to do is remote into the server and do this from the comfort of my seat. I know, I know, there are some of you that knew this, but I didn’t…and I know what the rest of you are thinking and YES, I AM EXTREMELY LAZY. So what?!

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Spicebird Beta 0.4

The desktop collaboration tool, Spicebird, has released it’s first public beta.  I just downloaded it and am about to install it.  I will write a review about it as soon as I tinker with it.

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OpenSUSE 10.3 how-to…

I know I write a good bit on OpenSUSE, but it’s the distribution I use and that’s what I know the best.  I was tweaking my installation the other day and came across a wiki on openSUSE how-to’s and it came in handy.  I know there are some that have a hard time finding this page, but here it is:

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Get Certified…

I came across this article stating the top 5 reasons why you should not get certified and it was appalling. I am a strong supporter of IT certifications and the positivity that comes from them (i.e. employer attention, increasing education, testing your skills, etc.). As I was reading, I was secretly hoping the writer was being sarcastic because some of the reasons sounded very sarcastic, but it is hard to tell when you are reading and not as hard when you are speaking to someone. But the one thing that really stuck out to me was under reason #3 it states, “The fact is, your just not that smart and knowing that there are loads of resources on the internet to help you is more information than you need.” Now, I’m no English professional, but I do believe it is supposed to read, “The fact is, YOU’RE just not ….” My blog is free for me, and these people are PAYING for editors, writers, etc. to double-check grammar and spelling, correct? Do you really trust a publication with poor grammar and spelling. I guess I’m just on the chip today because of the foul whether (that’s a joke, I know how to spell weather, just a cheap jab). Like I was saying, I’m hoping and praying this article is written from a sarcastic standpoint. If not, don’t let the article get you down, keep trucking on your studying for certifications and take as many as you can!

Below are the reasons for those of you that don’t feel like reading the article.

5. Career advancement is for corporate big-shots concerned with success, not for you.

4. You’re idea of personal growth is that stuff growing in your belly button. 

        **As you can see there’s another typo at the beginning of this statement also.**

3. The whole process of figuring out which certification you should get is just too confusing.

2. Who has time to study? Certainly not you.

1. Money can’t buy happiness, so why do you need more?

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What a great site,!  I am still relatively new to Linux and frequently need help doing some projects.  Howtoforge has helped me out many many times.  This site has been around for a while and offers how-to’s on everything from setting up servers based on different distros to making your desktop look like a MAC.  I recently set up a home server and needed to know how to configure POP and SMTP on it.  All I had to do was select my distribution that I chose to use and search for what I needed to do.  The best article for this was the one labeled, “The Perfect Server.”  I highly recommend this site if you feel like learning how to do something new with your Windows, Linux, or MAC box.


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