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Shutdown computers on your domain

I use Deep Freeze in some of the labs that I monitor and sometimes when I need to “thaw” these computers some of them do not show up in the server console. In the past I would have to get up from what I was doing, walk to the lab, and manually shutdown/restart the non-responsive computers. This was all until I found out that I could do this from the Windows Domain Controller. Click StartRun…and type shutdown -i. This brings up a screen that will let me browse through Active Directory and choose which computers I want to shutdown/restart. Now, all I have to do is remote into the server and do this from the comfort of my seat. I know, I know, there are some of you that knew this, but I didn’t…and I know what the rest of you are thinking and YES, I AM EXTREMELY LAZY. So what?!


17/01/2008 - Posted by | Productivity, Random | ,

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  1. Yes…i attest to the laziness!!

    Comment by Chris | 28/01/2008 | Reply

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