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Encrypt Thunderbird Profile with Truecrypt in Linux

Thanks to Chris who sent me this information about encrypting your Mozilla Thunderbird profile through Truecrypt in Linux through symbolic links. Not only do you have all of your profiles encrypted, but you also have easy back-ups. Not to mention all passwords that you have saved in Thunderbird are also encrypted (not reversibly hashed as before). There has been no noticeable performance problems when loading Thunderbird. Chris is working on encrypting his Firefox profile also, but has ran into a couple of issues that he is currently resolving. THANKS CHRIS!

   1. Close Thunderbird
   2. Move the Profile folder for Thunderbird into your truecrypt partition.
   4. ln -s (where the profile is moved to)
   5. Restart Thunderbird
   6. Now it should act as it did before, only now the files are stored in an
      encrypted partition.
   7. If you don't mount the encrypted partition first, it just gives you an
      error that it can't start.
   8. Mount and start again.
   9. Voila!!

29/01/2008 - Posted by | open source, Security |

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  1. Can you explain step 4 for this noob?

    Will it work moving it to an encrypted folder instead of a partition?

    Comment by rob | 22/11/2009 | Reply

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