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VMware Workstation 5 and OpenSUSE 10.3

A huge thank you to Chris for this one.

I received an email from Chris the other day because our group was having a hell of a time trying to install VMware Workstation 5 on our OpenSUSE 10.3 machines. Well, he worked it out. Now, you have to search for the newest any-any patch for VMware, I am using 116, and Chris is using 115, for this to work. Here are the steps…hope this helps…

Installing VMWorkstation 5.0 from source in OpenSUSE 10.3

  1. Using YAST, ensure that kernel-source, gcc, and make are installed

  2. Open a terminal

  3. run “su -”

  4. run “rpm -qa kernel* gcc* make”

  5. Ensure that all versioning information corresponds exactly (eg. kernel, gcc)

  6. run “cd /usr/src/linux”

  7. run “make mrproper; make cloneconfig; make modules_prepare”

  8. Install application by running “./”

  9. Use default answers except for the one regarding


  11. Install any-any file by running “./”


  13. run “cd /usr/src/linux/include”

  14. Determine the ASM directory that corresponds to your version (eg. asm-i386)

  15. run “ln -s /asm/i386 /asm”

  16. In line above note where the spaces are…..
  17. Now run “”

  18. I used the default answers to all of the rest of the questions. The only problem that I’ve had so far is that under Preferences, I can’t set updates to “Never”. It just silently crashes.

  19. Remember, if your kernel ever does an update, VMware will quit working. You will probably have to go back to /usr/src/linux/include and rerun the ln -s command again. Then you must rerun “” Then it should fire right back up for ya.

Thanks again Chris! And Mike, next time you and I are having trouble, we’ll just let Chris find out a way to do and save our time.


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