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Nmap’s new scripting engine…

In the past, pentesters would have to write their own scripts for further exploration of results found from an Nmap test. But now with the stable release of Nmap 4.5, the Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE) is included (the project actually started with the alpha release in version 4.21)(some scripts can be found in /usr/share/nmap/scripts).

What does NSE do? Well, for example, if a penetration test is ran and an HTTP server is found running on one of the machines; then, in the past, administrators would write a script to determine the version of the web server. Now, with NSE, the scripts are already written or easier to write.

Developers say that NSE is most effective with small to mid-sized organizations. If you have to scan a large organization, Nessus or GFI LANguard would be more effective.

For more information, click here


22/02/2008 - Posted by | Linux, open source, Security

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