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New Ultimate Boot CD for Windows released…

The new UBCD4Windows 3.11 is out and ready for download. This is for all of you that still have those relatives/friends that are still running Windows and you are the one that they call when their ‘puter goes kaput.

UBCD 3.11


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Kstartupconfig4 could not be found…

I was installing KDE 4 on openSUSE 10.3, and when I tried to log in, I was presented with an error box that read “kstartupconfig4 could not be found, please check your installation.” I searched for a solution, and one was to chmod user:group ~/.kde4, but this did not solve my problem. Since I could not find an answer for this error, I decided to start from a clean slate and re-install 10.3 from scratch. With a base setup, I was able to start KDE 4, until I installed some apps that I use on a day to day basis. I found out that NessusClient-3.0.1-suse10.2.i586.rpm was the problem, not the server application, but the GUI Client.  I installed all of my apps and KDE 4 worked, UNTIL I installed that package and I got the error message.  As soon as I uninstalled the client, KDE 4 was up and running again.  I’m not sure where the problem is in this package, but hopefully it will be solved soon.  As for now, I guess it’s all command line for me and Nessus.

I also noticed that this happened on KDE 4.0 and 4.01.  I do like how I can resize the panel finally in 4.01.

Cheers, and I hope this helps some of you.

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