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I saw where Ubuntu 8.04 Release Candidate was available for download, and as I was reading about what they had added to the distribution, I came across Likewise Open (something new for me). Likewise Open enables Linux, Mac, and Unix authentication on a Microsoft network using Active Directory credentials.

Likewise Open supports 110 Unix, Linux, and Mac platforms, enforces the same password policies for non-Windows users as for Windows users, and users can access any kerberized services.

Likewise Open is an open source community project sponsored by Likewise Software.


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Tired of paying for 411?

Use Google from your phone by talking, not typing…oh yea…and the best part…IT’S FREE!

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Mount USB in Virtualbox on Opensuse 10.3

I was trying to mount a USB thumb drive in Virtualbox on Opensuse 10.3 and I came across this.  I know this does not work on the Open Source Edition, which I do not use.  I use the Binary that is for all platforms, which is why this works for me.  Thanks to all that pointed out my mistake of leaving this bit of information out.

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Tor using Firefox and Opensuse 10.3

There are those times when anonymous web browsing is needed, and when this time arises, I use Tor. If you don’t know about Tor, go to their website and do some research on it and anonymous browsing. It really helps when you are behind a firewall that won’t allow some sites to be accessed.

I got Tor working using the Torbutton plugin on Firefox, Privoxy, and Tor on Opensuse 10.3. I first had to download Tor and Privoxy; you can get Tor from here and Privoxy from Yast or here.

After installation, Tor might tell you that it cannot access the torrc file from /etc/tor/, so all I did was “touch torrc” into that directory and Tor ran fine. Also, you may have to go into the /etc/privoxy/config file and add “forward-socks4a /” to it (do not forget the “.” at the end of the line).  I was having trouble with it until I did these two steps.  I then set Tor and Privoxy to start at boot by going into Yast and setting them to boot at startup.

I can now click on “Tor Disabled/Enabled” for a quick switch to and from anonymous proxy browsing.

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Create a Badge

Badge Maker is a website that allows users to create their own badges as a joke or as a temporary free service. There is a simple interface that allows user to customize pictures, titles, expiration dates, and even an official looking barcode.

If you have to create a badge for any reason, then try it out.

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Microsoft extends life of XP…again

I guess Microsoft is finally realizing that Vista just isn’t taking off like they had planned, so they are extending the life of XP again. Microsoft said they are only going to sell Microsoft XP Home on computers that it calls, “ultra-low-cost PCs.” Ultra-low-cost PCs being those that have a slower processor, smaller screens, and in many cases use flash memory for storage. Oh boy…thanks Microsoft! Long live the Penguin!

Read the rest of the story over at Cnet.

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