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Tor using Firefox and Opensuse 10.3

There are those times when anonymous web browsing is needed, and when this time arises, I use Tor. If you don’t know about Tor, go to their website and do some research on it and anonymous browsing. It really helps when you are behind a firewall that won’t allow some sites to be accessed.

I got Tor working using the Torbutton plugin on Firefox, Privoxy, and Tor on Opensuse 10.3. I first had to download Tor and Privoxy; you can get Tor from here and Privoxy from Yast or here.

After installation, Tor might tell you that it cannot access the torrc file from /etc/tor/, so all I did was “touch torrc” into that directory and Tor ran fine. Also, you may have to go into the /etc/privoxy/config file and add “forward-socks4a /” to it (do not forget the “.” at the end of the line).  I was having trouble with it until I did these two steps.  I then set Tor and Privoxy to start at boot by going into Yast and setting them to boot at startup.

I can now click on “Tor Disabled/Enabled” for a quick switch to and from anonymous proxy browsing.


12/04/2008 - Posted by | how-to, Productivity, Random

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  1. Have you tried Tor under OpenSuse11?

    Comment by Ming | 09/08/2008 | Reply

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